Anusara Yoga Teacher Training

Fall 2018-Spring 2019 in NYC
With Julia Pearring


In learning to teach we are invited into an incredible, life changing process. Teaching itself is a practice, and we up our ‘yoga practice ante’ when we step into the seat of the teacher. In learning how to lead others we deeply establish ourselves in our own unfolding path, gaining the tools to navigate the daily highs and lows, realizing that every moment holds a teaching.

This training will include

forging a transformative connection to the yoga teachings, bringing them alive through personal study and group conversation, revealing how they embrace all of life’s challenges when we make contact with the universal experience of being

a clearer understanding of the alignment principles– how to explore them in our own body as well as how to articulate them verbally and through hands on adjustments

methods for constructing a balanced yoga sequence, that is challenging, invigorating and overall replenishing

overarching anatomy concepts that apply to movement and support the deepening of our experience in each asana

gaining the teaching skills needed to lead a class of students as well as an individual through a dynamic and inspirational yoga practice

Join this intimate group, where our collective love and commitment to Yoga will lead us not only to teach asana classes, but to cultivate the use of our own voice as an instrument to honor and express the intricacy and beauty, the divine nature inherent in life’s ecstatic exchange.

Julia has studied with true masters, having cultivated her own practice under their guidance and through their example. She continues to craft her method of teaching using the comprehensive system of Anusara yoga’s Universal Principles of Alignment, from her in-depth study of the human body, and by living in the exquisite realm of the yoga scriptures.

Requirements: Having completed a 100 hour Anusara Yoga Immersion is a prerequisite to this training

Sept 8-9
Sept 29-30
Oct 26-29 Retreat
Nov 17-18
Dec 15-16
Jan 5-6
Feb 2-3
Mar 2-3
Apr 6-7
May 4-5

Saturday 12:30-5pm
Sundays 2-6pm

(Includes the October Yoga Retreat!)

With your questions, concerns, to commit to joining us, to inquire about a partial scholarship…


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