My name is Julia Pearring (van Hemmen) and I am an example of how Yoga can change your life. Everything from the way I experience and relate to myself, to what I deem important, to how I approach the people, places and things around me has shifted because of my Yoga experiences. I have so much gratitude for what has awakened within me that I gladly offer myself to living and teaching the practices.

I am a Colorado native, the mountains are forever my home. I have lived my entire adult life in New York, the city knows my pulse. I was a hopeful classical musician that became plagued with anxiety and inner doubt. Yoga was my saving grace, and made so much sense to me that I could think of little else and through the practice of teaching, I recovered my confidence and found inner peace.

None of the following would have been possible without the following pivotal teachers:

*Rudrani Farbman & Jackie Prete- my first teachers,
who launched me in my teaching and have always supported me
*Flin van Hemmen/husband, Kian and Rina/son and daughter-
my dear family, they make my heart stronger and wiser
*Anusara Yoga- based on clear principles *Amy Matthews/Embodied Asana
   that underlie the natural world, *Gil Hedley/Integrative Anatomy
   are sequential in practice, *Tom Myers/Anatomy Trains
   and aim for expanding our experience of life *Offering Seva with the SYDA Foundation



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