Namah Yoga: My teaching philosophy: I am constantly in such a state of awe that I bow. I bow to the inextinguishable longing, present within every human being, to realize greatness, truth and love.

My intention is to invite the possibility for knowing greatness, truth and love in every moment by exercising openness, discipline and trust in equal measures.

My approach is through the practices of Yoga, practices that bring one into greater awareness of oneself. These methods for self-study include but are not limited to asana, meditation, chanting, physiology, kinesthetics, somatic awareness, anatomy, contemplation, seva (offering of one’s time and services.)

My method is through the science of Yoga. I use the word science because of this definition of the word: knowledge gained by systematic study. I have spent over ten thousand hours intently, joyfully, wondrously studying the physical form: my own body, those of my students, meditating on the forms of saints and divine beings, studying anatomy, body systems and embryology, and over 100 hours plumbing the depths of human cadavers.

I am a Certified Anusara Yoga teacher E-CAT, E-RYT 500 and C-IAYT currently teach in the following settings:

* Public Classes: I regularly see students of all levels, see my current class schedule here, and youtube classes here
* Private Practice: I work with individuals with a wide range of abilities in a personalized, one-on-one setting that allows the student to push their own boundaries by engaging in the transformative depths of the practices. Email me for more details at Julia.pearring@gmail.com
* Yoga Trainings/Cont. Ed: Learn about my upcoming offerings here
* Online Educational Platform I teach courses through my own platform: bondofasana.com
* Anusara Yoga Curriculum: Co-wrote Therapeutic Applications of Anusara Yoga Teacher’s Guide available for Anusara Yoga registered teachers March 2021
* Fordham University: Work with the Fordham Men’s Basketball team off season as well as one-on-one with injured players
— Previous experience —
*Yoga Festival Presentation: Samavesha, Anusara yoga’s annual festival
. California, November 2016
. Samudra Shakti, Anusara yoga US gathering
. Colorado, September 2019
* Cornell-Weill Hospital: Classes for adults with neurological disabilities and young adults in their Victim Intervention Prevention Unit

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