Life– moving forward

Spring… What a contrast from the Winter! Of course there is so much unseen preparation and many stages to the emergence of Spring, but when it finally pops it is shockingly sudden. Every time I have the chance to take it in the green has thickened and the sounds are more densely filled with bird’s song and children’s squeals. The smell of the flowers casts a spell, drawing you sweetly into the mesmerizing picture that spring paints. What a shift!

Can this really be? The answer is an obvious and resounding YES.  In fact, there is no going back now!

When change happens so swiftly we can find ourselves fumbling to catch up. Similar to my growing babes, where the minute we have achieved the fine-tunings of a growth spurt or developmental leap– everything expands again– change asks us to shift the routine, to tune in to new ways of being. We re-define our methods with the purpose of greater support and alignment within our every day. But perhaps more importantly, sudden change allows us to track the living current that can transform so easily, so completely- not by detaching from what was but by following the course forward into what is heralded and triumphantly thrust into being.

With Spring we stand in awe, we breathe it in, we relish the arrival. Yet change can be completely unlike Spring. It can be the closing of a chapter, a shadow cast, the departure of a loved one, or a severed connection within one’s self or to another. What then? What scent do we smell? What picture seems to be painted?

Can we stand blown open, holding the thread of life, knowing this too is possible with a resounding YES? Truly, there is no going back now, only intently– courageously– forward.

It is said that where we are hurdling towards is none other than where we sprung from. That all the change and forward movement takes us circuitously but inevitably back to our own Source. These moments of transition are then another opportunity to see the propelling force within. This deep, enduring energy welcomes us into the knowledge of our own Self through the firm squeeze of our trials and the soft breeze of our delights. We don’t always find it possible to be at ease with what has come to pass, and fair enough, as it can be as fierce and dismantling as it is benevolent and confirming. But the opportunities abound and we are called to such an opening in order to consciously rejoice, grieve, to stay with confusion and to beget action. All for the sake of a more consistent response of YES to the experience of our own Self.

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