Wholeness Immersion

The power of nature is its ability to remind me that I am whole. Living in the city, I can be away from enveloping nature for months at a time. So nature immersion can be a slow process. It began with observation, the sitting with- with the sounds, the brushing movements, the slow changing light, and the vast horizon. During this time, my awareness extended further and further outward, but also drew nearer and nearer– into the crevices of the smallest etchings on a leaf beside me and the unoccupied spaces within me.

What happens when we are reminded that we are whole? During this immersion, there was a much needed break from the parceling of our words and deeds into the categories of right and wrong.  We all need a reprieve from the constant inner dialogue of how to prove, how to become, how to convince ourselves we are on the right course. Instead, for that short interval, we just Are. Whole. Really we have and always will be, but in the dance of relationship we are as wrong as we are right, and this tends to casts a strong, forgetful shadow over our perception of Self.

I’m sitting in the woods and a deer comes by and there is communication. There is a seeing of one another which involves a certain respectful distance but also an exhilarating curiosity. We have met in the dance, both influenced. Noticeable little shifts arise as we each continue with our individual trajectory all the while acknowledging and including the reality of one another.

The result is a feeling of oneness, that my honoring of Self is expanded and complete with the honoring of her Self. Right and wrong still exist but they don’t diminish Self, they heighten Self. They help us correct our small steps within the dance of Life. Right and wrong don’t prove our rightness or wrongness, rather they test our ability to be whole at the same time that we are separate and distinct. Because at the same time we fumble and get it all mussed up, we can connect, we can show respect, we can come from love. We can become more and more sure that the right course unfolds from the inclusion and consideration of the complex continuum of Source, from the individual Self to the unknown, mysterious Other.  (Found within and all the way to the farthest reaches.)

Let’s continue to utilize this resource. To re-source, to reconnect to Source in the flows of nature that remind us we are just right, right in the middle of the dance. And then let’s take it a step further. As we practice during these summer months, exploring the outdoors, can we equally envision the coming year– the times when we will be hunkered down in the company of our fellow out-to-prove-and-convince beloveds, counterparts and dissuaders. Can we hold the space of wholeness, of remembrance, during those trying times when oneness feels far away, when right and wrong have drawn a line in the sand. We are in eclipse season aren’t we???!!


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