Absolute Movement

This inquiry is a rendition of an inner process I engage with, more and more consciously over time. Skim through and see what resonates, or go as far as to engage with the inquiry by pulling out your journal.

Beginning questions:
What’s new with you?
What shifts are taking place?
What are you currently sustaining?
What is coming to an end?

Once you locate yourself in such a way, here’s the next contemplation:
What hints or signs were there in the lead up to a recent, definitive shift?
What had you felt deep in your gut, what was humming in the marrow of your bones, how were your outer relationships shifting and signaling?
What support arose, perhaps long before you saw that change was brewing?
What is becoming available to you now?

The meaning behind this inquiry:

The vision of hindsight often offers us the ability to see the absolute presence of life’s cycles and transitions. What sacred practices offer us is the ability to be receptive to this absolute more consistently in the present moment: to be open, to be curious and to stay vigilant. To ride the wave of the absolute movement. And while plenty of feelings, insights, desires and wishes will arise along the way, the ideal is to ride without judgements or clinging. Ride the wave and it’s exhilarating and joyful. Fight the wave and be ready for the possibility of being wiped about. 

Through Absolute movement, the Absolute presence becomes known.

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