Relating to Newness

It’s a new year! And in relation to the moon, it will be new again come February 1st. I’ve had a strong feeling that we have this whole month to be new- to swim in the absolute freshness of possibility. I feel as much relief as I feel dread to have to grapple with an extended newness, dare I say extended uncertainty, but it’s beyond me to say we things should be otherwise. So here we are, in a prolonged newness.

Some thoughts about the sun and moon- Ida and Pingala:
The sun orients our day and the moon pulls on the waters of our bodies. One’s close, one’s far. One circles us and one we circle, both are ours to listen to and to seek an honest relationship with. Depending on where we are in their cycle they move together or they hold opposing ends. For example, today is a new moon so the moon rises at sunrise, whereas with a full moon the moon rises as the sun sets. That shifts organically, perfectly, like how you can sync your breath with another’s for a period of time with ease and joy but you at some point you would have to strain and force to keep it so. At some point I breathe out as you breathe in.

What new resolutions might the sun and moon expect from us beyond asking us to grow in our understand, rooting into our intuitive power and depth of connection?

This month I focus on the theme of devotion in my classes. Whether you attend or not I invite you to join a collective intention this month to empower your movements with the depth of devotion— from right where you stand— in relation to all that you are in contact— from the distance stars to the one who breathes nearest to you*.

Happy New Year 2022!

*Your loved ones for sure, but don’t leave out your very own breath.

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