The Bond of Asana

Today is a new moon, the Jewish New Year is upon us, and in the Northern hemisphere, the Autumn season is as well. Time continues to usher in new opportunities for growth and change. So too are intense fires, derechos and floods, continued concern within the pandemic, and a contentious political landscape (both sides find the other subversive.) Our circumstances seem to be sounding the alarm that life as we know it is currently being undermined.

In theory, we would assume such conditions as grounds for throwing in the towel, feeling lost and without bearings. And yet we continue to reveal our resilience, adaptability and compassionate action. The stakes being higher only seems to compel us to raise the bar. And, while it seems to be pulling us apart, we are each compelled to set out in search. My we eventually be united in the discoveries unearthed during this time.

I am a strong believer in the asana practice as a potent means to reveal our deepest connections to life and to strengthen our capacity to accomplish our highest potentials as individuals. If you show up, so will the depth of the practice. That’s the commitment that we are invited to make, and the bond that’s offered in return.

I will say… it does take a teacher that has cultivated such a bond with the practice. I humbly offer the fruits of my one-pointed dedication, mined wisdom and numerous revelations to support my students and fellow practitioners in creating a sincere bond with their yoga practice– through a new project that launches November 2020— LEARN MORE

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