Focus and Flow

I feel a need for the whip of the wind and the exhilaration of open, free space. To explore and to let the day lead where it will, and to also rest in the rhythms that each day holds.

At the same time, I feel a strong desire to stay true to the honest and deep work, to the learning that is particular to this time and these circumstances. I don’t want to let go of my focus.

There is so much right now, it can be hard to navigate, let alone articulate. Here’s how I can best describe what’s coming up for me:

—  it’s messy and dark, in need of unpacking, in need of a strong witnessing gaze and lots of time to unhook the nested burrows, in need of transformation and dissolution
— it’s confused and on edge, in need of the cool ground under my feet, in need of the weightlessness of being submerged in water, in need of such healing relationships with all of the elements
— it’s brewing and building, in need of my energy and my creative power, in need of small steps and consistency, in need of every fiber of my being to make the leap, to reach so far into the unknown

I refuse to let go of my humanity (the reckoning as described above). I see this being expressed in so many different ways these days. To let go of the thriving turbulent process that is unfolding would deny the urgency of this particular time in my life and in the larger thread of things. It’s not that I see an obvious “other” that is trying to take it from me, per se. Rather there is an undeniably strong attraction to land somewhere, anywhere, to be relieved of this liminal space, the threshold we are crossing.

What’s true of any moment, stable or in flux– it’s always a worthy goal to take each step with great care, to work on what is in front of me and on what is important to me, and to work with what brings me in to contact with those who are doing the same conscious work. To be in good company can not be underestimated. I send great love and blessings to everyone for our individual and collective journeys.

The shared spaces I create for practice and learning that are starting soon can be found here

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