Our movement, shaped by our container

The observation of water in motion- swirling, vibrant, fluid- puts our own tissues at ease. The ebbs and the flows, the pushes and the pulls, the clarity and the confusion, the triumphs and the struggles, all become held in their greater context of movement and mobility. We are water forms after all. It’s our nature to spin fast and churn forward. It is also our nature to fill deep crevices until we practically stagnate, to find ourselves entrenched, until a stronger wind of forceful desire and direction sends us onwards.

Not to fully take away our own volition– we always have conscious choice– but like water, to make full use of our power to move mountains we must acknowledge how our environment and present company is actively shaping us. Acknowledging an unhealthy living environment can propel us to envision and forge a new path, for instance!

Yoga is a practice of discovery, to enter the human reality as an interplay between vibrant movement and tensional form. Yoga as a practice creates a space to connect to the depth of your flowing potential, a commitment to show up to what is surfacing and in doing so clears the way, a container that gathers your torrential, potent inner worlds into making a united effort– for yourself and for those around you.

In short, I am saying that yoga yokes us to our highest potential, born of the flesh. But the journey this takes us on needs to be seen compassionately, to honor the sometimes overwhelming effort required to navigate the constantly changing highs and lows of the inner landscape of human existence as well as the inscribed terrain of our times.

Often, more than any action you can take, or any course you can take, Yoga invites us to take solace. To know the depth of our desire, to know that we are not alone in longing for an unbridled path towards a purpose-filled, joyful expression, to know that us water beings are all pulled by the same call to rejoin with the vastness of the ocean itself. Yoga invites us to keep practicing. That way we can also know– when things only seem to accumulate, when everything conspires against us and sticks and refuses to budge, we are not forsaken, rather we are being held in good hands. When we are stationed, and even buried, we are being asked to pause, and come to know the one who has lovingly formed us as we are, to surrender into the supportive hands of the Divine Shaper Herself.

To support the discovery of the Yoga practice, I have two upcoming courses that are open to all- new and seasoned practitioners and yoga teachers alike. I welcome you to contact me to learn more, including how to make it possible for you to join given any constraints you may be currently working with.

The Body Reveals– yoga philosophy and the moving wisdom of the living body, water properties will be explored

Anusara Yoga Immersion– philosophy, asana, meditation and more, a deep dive into the transformative power of a shared space of practice


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