A course on philosophy and the body

32 hrs: Wisdom from all ages reminds us that the truths of the universe are equally alive in our individual bodies. This is why the yoga sages guide us to know the absolute through the experience of our own Self. It is a process not of memorizing facts or scriptures, but of realizing the fundamental truths are present and supporting us in every moment. In this course we will follow two tracks inward to have this realization for ourselves.

The science of Physiology- a holistic look at the organic processes and functioning that take place within the body to support and carry us forward.

A journey into Tantra’s scriptural texts- Yoga’s sacred, revealed wisdom that awakens awareness of the reality of the Universe within the body.

Each weekend, we will explore these two learning methods through a combination of lecture, discussion, guided meditations plus a 90 minute asana class.

The course is suggested for teachers and open to all practitioners who want to deepen their understanding beyond the common knowledge of muscles and bones, and weave Tantric wisdom into an enhanced study of the intelligence of the body.


Jan 11-12, 25-26
Feb 8-9, 22-23, 29-Mar 1


Saturdays 1-6pm
Sundays 1-4pm

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