Sequencing using the UPA’s

Sequencing with the UPA’s
March 26-29 in NYC (UWS and NoHo)
with Julia

Teaching advanced asanas can feel overwhelming, but maintaining freshness and focus in a level one class has its challenges as well. Sequencing includes clarifying specific actions to awaken a deeper alignment in the body. It also includes inspiring the basic poses with variations of insight and detail to progress in the asana practice. Through the skills of sequencing, the practice can more readily offer the ultimate expression of movement as graceful and free.

Using the UPA’s as our guide, we will

— explore the different methods of unfolding a sequence
— gain confidence in staying spontaneous and in touch with the energy of the room
— learn how to use class time wisely, utilize different pacing and serve all levels

— refresh the creative unfolding of our movement practice, the lifeblood of our home practice as well as class settings

The learning will be varied with lots of discussions, practicum, shared wisdom and key guidelines. It will also include participating in two classes with the similar sequences– one taught as an open level and the other as a level 2/3.

Weekend layout:  March 26-29

Thursday: 2-7pm
Friday: 9-12pm 1pm- 5pm
Saturday: 1-5pm
Sunday: 11-5pm

Location of the training will be held both on the UWS (Thursday and Friday am) and in NoHo.

Counts for 24 hours of continuing education through Yoga Alliance as well as 24 hours towards your 300hr ATT training with Anusara Yoga, fulfilling the required sequencing module.

$425, $380 early bird price available until 2/25.

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