Anatomy Applied to Asana



Movement brings our structures into being. When we understand these structures more clearly, we gain the power to ever-refine our movements. Anatomy and Kinesiology is a vibrant conversation. Revealing the differences between how we tend to think about our bodies and how we are actually fashioned is a worthy exploration. We will use focused awareness and subtle refinements in alignment to bring us into expansive movement. Asanas challenge and encourage us to become present to the deep flows of the creative power that generates the body and guides us to our own source.

Through this training we will better serve each body individually as well as honor all that goes into each asana. Each weekend, the relationships between the bones, joints and muscles will be discussed by region and then embodied through asana-based movement explorations. Open to yoga teachers as well as yoga and movement enthusiasts.

Julia has studied anatomy, kinesiology and physiology in depth for over 10 years, studying not only with anatomists, but manual therapists, movement specialists and with the human form itself- having spent over 50 hours in dissection labs. Her cultivated, integrated focus on movement, form and the principles of Anusara yoga have helped her to build a strong private practice. She supports students in the exploration of their optimal range, to uncover the strength and potential of deep alignment no matter their range of movement. She strongly believes that a working awareness of the relationships within the physical body is an invaluable branch of study for yoga teachers and practitioners.



Jan 12-13
Jan 26-27
Feb 9-10
Feb 23-24


Saturdays 1-6pm
Sundays 1-4pm

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