Stepping up to Support the Whole

In a time when the collective awareness is so in sync, so tuned in, there is no way to not be overwhelmed by the heaving tumult of humanity as it thrashes about.  We are confronted with a barrage of agenda laden opinions and blame tactics, it’s easy to think we have lost all sanity, never mind our ability to hold any Truth. Overwhelmed, that is, unless we give as much weight and significance to how we live our every day lives.

This topic is nothing new, wisdom is forthcoming, reminding us to value the impact we can make on the smallest scale. But we are ever more aware that we are responsible for the whole as the larger battles are waged on our account, making them none other than our own.  And we are responsible for the whole, not because we can personally make the battles disappear– that misled desire is why most of us feel we have to throw in the towel and turn away from it all– but because where we are clearer and more certain than ever before is that the larger battles are none other than our own. We can consciously dig deep into self inquiry, we can fruitfully tease out the needed rubs and reconciliations possible in confrontations, we can see the macro playing out daily if we are as tuned in to our inner worlds as the outer one. To be caught up in agenda laden opinions is the one of the egos favorite games and the stamp of blame is something we must confront for ourselves in the stories our mind loves to tell. Sanity and truth can be ours if we dust the mirror of our own hearts again and again and again. To know we are not going to be perfect and our goal is not to be right, but instead, that we are going tap into our own profound Truth, and our goal is to then bring conscious light forth through all the rigor each day requires of us. And yes, absolutely let that light filled rigor, gained through all the inner practices, lead us to support the causes that pull us strongest.

Grand sweeping statements, indignation and threats get us no where. Steadiness, Balance, Calm, Clarity, Truth comes about from within when these very virtues are challenged in our every day circumstances and we persevere with open, loving joyfulness. Powerful change is then made manifest. We can trust the resounding shifts in our personal life are not only worth the efforts for our own betterment, but are also a marker that we are living up to our own personal responsibility towards the whole. We each have our daily opportunities to consciously fight the battles currently waging in our collective humanity. We start with ourselves in order to realize our greatest potential to be of service to humanity.

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