Online Course

The Teacher Within: Your Greatest Ally on the Path of Yoga

September 20- December 12

Online format- the course is accessed from your home on your own time with videos, guided practices, readings, discussions, and daily contemplations and exercises.

This course is an invitation to uncover your greatest ally on the path of yoga: your own inherent knowledge, your own inner teacher. Through relevant yoga teachings, meditations, home asana and pranayama practices, as well as simple contemplations that can be threaded into your daily circumstances, participants will walk the path of Yoga by accessing their own wisdom deep within.

Like many modern yoga students, my journey began in group yoga classes with exceptional teachers that encouraged openings in my body and in my thinking and gave hands on support when I needed it most. Eventually I also discovered meditation, pranayama and the yoga philosophy that helped me to align inwardly- leading to more subtle and transformational shifts in my way of being in the world.

My yoga teachers were integral to my progress, but the more I engaged this full range of practices, the more I realize that the practices needed to become my own, that I needed to learn how to guide myself, to develop inner discernment, as much as I needed a teacher to learn from. Diving in to uncover my own inner teacher was a joyful and empowering journey that I am eternally grateful for.

The Teacher Within offers a venue for you to begin, or dive deeper into, this empowering journey yourself.  Life-changing shifts occur whenever we commit to daily engagement with the yoga practices- and yet making this a reality is deceivingly difficult! It requires focus and creativity to continue to integrate and stay connected to the practices. During the course, held by a purposefully developed context to support this process, we will develop a sustainable, ever evolving, personal practice.

The course will unfold online over twelve weeks, accessible anywhere on your own time. Every other week, a manageable amount of information will be released with ample invitations to immerse in the full range of practices within the flow of your everyday. The course is highly interactive: the community of fellow seekers will be there for opportunities to be inspired by the path of others as well as share your process.  After these three months of study and practice together, you will have gained invaluable insight and absorbed incredibly useful tools that will support your ability to consistently live the teachings.

The Teacher Within is born of my intention to tease out the intricacies and subtleties of living a Yogic life, which we can enter into together, but ultimately is up to each of us to unwrap and embrace through practice This is the crux of being a yogi, Yoga is not something ‘to be done’ during a certain set of hours of the day, or week—as we take on these methods we come to realize that Yoga is an unfolding that takes place from within.

If this resonates with you, join us!   You will gain a foothold in effortlessly assimilating the practices into your life now, rather than having to wait for some distant expectation of having ‘more time.’

I’m thrilled to be partnering with eYogaStudies to offer you this extraordinary online opportunity for exploring The Teacher Within.

If you know this is for you, sign up now.   You can also find a detailed The Teacher Within syllabus at eYogaStudies.

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