As pregnancy unfolds

Pregnant means full of potential and meaning, fertile, filled. The root is birth, of bringing into being. Being a woman with child is a very obvious example of this. And yet, even within this context, the richness of this experience is easy to miss. Currently just shy of 39 weeks, I am on the doorstep of a life unfolding from within me and I am mostly focused on timing, on the impending, on the list of things that still need to be accomplished beforehand. I am in conversation about tactics and methods and preparations. While I value this strong pull on my attention and energy to create a container, to fashion a nest, and to visualize the steps within the process, the times I treasure most are those when I just sit with the mystery of this pregnancy.

Life is a great unknown, it knows no end, it produces everything from nothing. The potential holds incredible power- inherent in each form is incredible potential to respond, to transition- say from woman to mother, or from one role to the next. Every one of us is pregnant with possibility, all of us emerged from the same fertile womb, and each of us will return to Mother Earth’s fertile womb. As such we intimately stem from that fertile ground and are invited to hold the potent space of what is still not formulated. But can we consecrate what we can only envision but not yet know in materiality? Could this even be the definition of spirituality– to take refuge in the unknown?

As I stand on this particular threshold, I would say we gain trust in life’s pregnancy each time we allow ourselves to be reborn. Our burgeoning imaginations, our ability to meet the unpredictable, our nature to shed the old and grow beyond the reigning paradigm, all moments when we can recognize that our aliveness is in the vigor of renewal. In the act of bringing into being, as the ‘seeming nothing’ takes form, we ourselves become the channel, the product and the purpose of life itself. Whether we ascribe joy or fear, whether we think it’s the right timing or not, whether it’s as we hoped or dreaded is not the point, but the bearing witness to the powerful movement holds the full richness of being.


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