Wow, you almost forget the incredible abundance Spring brings. The growth is without bounds. As we watch flowers grow up through cracks in the cement, vines wind their way through the fences and the thickness of the wild brush heaping itself one layer upon another, there is the telling of the adamant force that is nature. It’s exhilarating and immensely supportive as we too look to create beauty in the world. We are reminded again that it is our most basic, and yet incredibly special, act to cultivate and produce from the richness of our unique and personal perspective.

But what about the weeds that grow in our inner gardens, that which we didn’t intentionally plant but still rise up- having received in this fertile ground- the nourishment we provided, when an emotion, thought pattern or outer situation that you find unwanted or undesirable takes a firm hold in your life? The wisdom of yoga encourages us to gain as much from what seems befallen as what is intentionally planted.

The dandelion root and leaves have healing potential if embraced and harvested, even though they spoil the evenness of a grassy lawn. That which we wish would just disappear has something for us. It is asking for our love and attention. If we ignore it you better believe the wind will spread its seeds and it will come again tenfold- to be sure we recognize its place in our lives and process and path. The less we are willing to address the unwanted the more energy it will require of us–nature’s adamant force…

In other words, weeds are not necessarily meant to be an easy retrieval, especially if we are resistant to attending to them. But we can get to the root of them- not by hacking at them, attacking haphazardly, defensively or by using brutish force. We have to use our most tender of hands to listen and respond, to learn how to gently loose them from the ground of our being. With the same love and care we show our most gloriously illustrious, blossoming flowers.



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