Rhythmic Dance of Life

Do you feel the pull towards rhythmic structures? Particularly this time of year, as the summer fades away, I feel ready to have a steady presence of tasks and commitments to rely on from day to day. I want to create a pulsing guidance, to assist the flow, the pace, the regularity of happenings– the little steps that I know I need to make to get to where I feel I am pointed, to move in the direction I want to go.

I’m talking about scheduling hours of time, where we have to show up, and hours of time between, that we dedicate to a particular side project or inspiration hobby. I’m even talking about scheduling things that we commit to as space savers– that carve out time in our day that we can show up to or we can also not show up to, time that supports us to act spontaneously and shift based on the needs of the moment.

Rhythmic structures that promote the dance of life. This means creating a healthy balance– which is not all work and no play, which is not what we call the grind culture. Rather, a time-map that keeps us accountable and in relationship to the wide range of things that encompass our roles and responsibilities.

I hope that you are feeling refreshed and renewed, that you are necessarily nourished to feel supported from within. If not, start there. Work in what you need without delay. No doubt we will have plenty of moments this Fall when we will need to move at a fast clip, and many, many more when we will need to move at a steady clip. And regardless of the outcomes, may we be blessed enough to have our efforts move in rhythm with the divine dance of life’s unfolding.

And then my invitation to you: If you love the practices of yoga, and rely on it as much as I do, take the time now to set yourself up to practice regularly.

Fall 2022 offerings*:
— I teach 6 yoga classes a week in NYC, 5 of which you can join online.
— I teach a weekly online meditation that is complimentary, you can just show up.
— I teach 8 week long online courses that take you around the body one area at a time.
— I am leading a retreat first weekend in November
— I’ll be teaching a class as part of the weekend long Samavesha gathering, a yearly Anusara Yoga event. Join for one class, multiple, or use the full weekend as a personal retreat.

*My classes and courses pages are always updated, check them out regularly!

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