Advanced Teacher Trainings


Advanced Teacher Training:

As we establish ourselves as teachers, we are learning how to take the seat of the teacher. Beyond the expectations and ethics this entails, taking the seat of the teacher puts us in touch with our innate desire to be a vessel of truth, wisdom and beauty. We learn quickly that this seat is our vehicle for personal transformation as we move into service. Service brings out who we are beyond the small identity, where we gain the awareness of our depth of being and that of our collective presence. We are fortunate to be given such an opportunity. And we also see this is the opportunity given to us in every moment, in every interaction. Having a community of teachers to unpack this practice of teaching, as well as to deepen it, is a gift to ourselves and to our students.


Modules for 2019-2020

At the WYC– Two modules are available at the WYC, given in a series of weekend workshops.

Sept- Oct          Pranayama and Subtle Body Anatomy

Jan- Mar           The Body Reveals- Philosophy and the Body


Retreat setting upstate NY–These weekend modules will be an intensive format- deep dives into practice, lots of practicum, conversations continuing during meals. It will be in a small group setting, in a beautiful, quaint location that will support our group’s focus.

Nov 8-11      Observation and Hands on adjustments of the UPA’s- What we see is gold, as we reflect for our students. Knowing what to do with what we see develops over time, and will be greatly supported by breaking down alignment visually, refining hands on techniques and working with each other.

May 14-17     Themes and related verbal prowess- Setting an intention and learning to verbalize it in a way that supports asana is no small feat, and yet it’s also not as hard as we often make it out to be. Touching the truth, our own source, along with very clear structures and how to’s, will be our means to increase our confidence and effectiveness in our cueing and poetic articulations.

— Retreat location is 2hrs North at the foot of the Catskills in the town of Olivebridge. We will carpool or public transportation can take you as far as Kingston. More about the location here.

The tuition includes the accommodations, food and training.

— $675 Dorm room rate       — $825 Double room rate       — First come first serve on sleeping arrangements!


INDIVIDUALLY– Each of these modules is an opportunity to continue your education as a yoga teacher. Taking one or two in a year can fulfill your commitment to actively study the practice of teaching yoga.

REGISTER– Email Julia to secure your spot in these trainings. Especially for the retreats, the size is limited and will be sure to fill!


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