Coming Into the Light

I’m just back from retreat. For me, so much comes to light through the process of retreat. Luckily this process is for us all, and so formal retreat or not, I offer it to you through the following reflection.

Coming to Light:
– We need to feel safe
– We thrive when we are heard
– We become free to shift and transform when our perspective is valued

These founding truths signify a wholesome embrace of our small mindedness. Like when a mother (or father) embrace their child– from that embrace, we soften and we open. We regain our power to dissolve the small mind into the Big Heart. We stop resisting and rather face the reality of darkness and duality, acknowledge how much is ultimately obscured and unknown, and then and only then, muster the courage to bring ourselves into the light. In the light we are vulnerable but we can trust we are welcomed with open arms.

Fear and ignorance are around every corner, there will not be a time or place where they are not close at our heels. Our due diligence is to practice these founding truths within ourselves, for ourselves, and to offer compassion to ourselves and others, knowing how hard it is to do just that.

Oh to let go of false claims of righteousness and instead be a presence of light!


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