Life’s Nudge

I am officially back teaching my classes and privates this week. Parting with my little one this soon has been tough. I wouldn’t have done it if life hadn’t nudged me. I of course considered taking more time, but whenever I looked more closely, it was clear that I was being asked to step back into the flow, that there was work to be done. Listening to what is asked of us requires a leap of faith, it requires us to believe that what life is asking of us is not only for our benefit, but sometimes even more importantly, for the benefit of others. And since sometimes we will never know the reason why we are being asked, it requires us to trust in what is bigger than us, to know in our hearts the absolute goodness that drives life’s purpose. Life orchestrates our actions for the purpose of interconnections that are seen and validated as well as one’s that are beyond our vision and tally. So we are asked to listen and to have faith. The result? This increases our own joy in life, as this way, the reward is in being faithful and fulfilling our actions, far more than in what the outcome of those actions produce.

Here is my nudge to you– yesterday was a new moon. Today, listen to what is presenting itself to you. Maybe it’s something new, or maybe it’s the opportunity to see something anew. In the act of listening we open ourselves to experience the connection to the larger good. Which is good for us all. :)


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