Hot heat sears the skin and creates a great thirst. Hot anger lashes out looking for where we can lay the blame. Cooling rain can only bring momentary relief if one’s blood continues to boil. It has been a quintessential hot, sticky summer in New York. It has been a charged season full of debate, collective introspection and worthy struggle.

I’ve just returned from two weeks in Colorado, and I’ve been contemplating how this time away has supported my engagement in modern man’s shared process. During the trip I did my best to steer clear of the confrontations of our current times, but not in hopes of escaping them. Rather, it felt important to step back from the heat of the action to pause and reconnect to what drives me forward. Like Arjuna learns on the brink of battle in the Bhagavad Gita, even inaction is an action. Taking time away does not put life on hold, but taking the time to seek counsel with life’s greatest teachers is pivotal as it puts us in touch with the wisdom of the next right action. Where do we go from here?

During my stay in the mountains, I had time to embrace the absolute goodness of nature. To listen closely to it’s whispers of contentment, determination and profound understanding of living simply. Life’s teachers are our greatest ally- when we sit in silence at their feet they reveal to us the places in our lives where our actions are still motivated by human’s innate hang ups: attachment, aversion and clinging to life as we know it. Every time we recognize these road blocks, it becomes easier to walk the path of true service, where our actions are inspired by the unfettered heart.

One of my teachers ends each class by bowing ‘to the greatest teacher of all, the teacher within.’ Within each of us, we are propelled by the same flow of Prana that brings about spacious cloud formations, strong storms, lightening shows and blazing sunsets. All external teachers inevitably point us inward to know the life behind our movements, the current that impels our flow. Our true depth, purpose and power are ultimately unfathomable, meaning beyond our comprehension and subtle, meaning hidden in plain sight. In other words, to seek counsel with the teacher of our hearts is not always as easy or as obvious as it seems. Making the connection once is just the beginning, having two weeks devoted allows for a delicious dive, but in reality we require constant practice in the spaces between actions- to engage with piercing, focused questions that cut away our limited view, and to fortify our trust that these efforts of getting to the heart of it are invaluable. That these efforts are in fact crucial to realize that we are already free and fulfilled regardless of the current circumstances. From here- judgment and anger can melt away and we can unleash the possibility of discovering, together, the next right step that we never before dreamed of.



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