Divine Mother

An ode to the Divine Mother in all of us

By design, the mother is selfless, devoted to the wellbeing of another.
Selflessness leaves you transparent.

This is tricky to write about because this is a razor’s edge.
On one side is the being seen through, used, unappreciated, submissive, hidden from sight.
But on the other side lies the greatest power there is: to be unobstructed, to constantly and rapidly shed the weight and the plight of being an individual,
to become a vessel for a purpose that is far beyond the power of any man.

This is the arena of the divine feminine, and the divine feminine is known by learning to speak the language of love.

To give and give and give and give will wear you out.
It requires an unforgiving amount of effort and amasses a tally of unrepayable debts.
This changes dramatically when you begin everything with love.
The language of love deals mostly in silence.
The exchange is 90 percent welcoming, receiving, listening, accepting and trusting.

This is easily forgotten as I watch myself spending every free moment cleaning, changing, washing, holding and feeding.
This changes dramatically when I remember to begin everything with love.
Love is the material out of which everything is born and cradled.
Love is what you and your beloved are made of.
The yogis would say that it is the birthright of every one to know this love within themselves.

This is the awakening of the divine feminine, and the divine feminine is known by devoting yourself to the wellbeing of one and all.
This is love welling up from within you.


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