Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn

Why take a Teacher Training?

I understand why it can be confusing– as a curious yoga student, having recognized the benefits of your practice you decide you want to learn more, to deepen your commitment, and a teacher training is what is offered to you. Does your love for yoga have to lead to you teaching yoga classes?

Let me explain why this might be the right course for you, regardless of whether or not you are looking for a new profession.

First off- Yoga takes place outside the four walls of a yoga studio and the comforts of your preferred yoga mat. So yes, you will learn how to coordinate sequences and to traffic direct students through poses, but more importantly, you gain the resources to lead your own life from the transformational power of yogic wisdom.

Second- there is a wonderful saying, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” If I might be so bold, I would add on one more line, “empower a man to teach others and you give him access to his life’s true worth.” This has become increasingly apparent now that I am a mother– my life’s path has a new reason for being, to raise my child. In becoming a teacher you are beholden to live your teachings. Your actions and words then resound through the world, resonating with a frequency that can cut through illusion and misunderstanding.

Third- any talk on becoming a teacher is not complete without talking about deepening our studentship. Authority for the sake of authority is a thin veil. A teacher’s potency is dependent on staying connected to the steady stream of wisdom that is flowing through the lineage of their teachers and their students. As teachers we don’t stop being students, we become better students. The teachings can be forever refined as they are infinitely more subtle and unique in every expression, which means to be in service to our students, teachers develop their listening skills and thus, bring healing simply by relating.

All of this to say, that in learning to teach we are invited into an incredible, life changing process. In Anusara Yoga we see this journey as a two part sequence- first we immerse in the yoga and then we learn the practice of teaching it. First we take it all in, investigate, explore and discover, when we up the ante by stepping into the seat of the teacher. We come up against the resistance to expand and then we break through that resistance, we realize that no one can ever put the magic of yoga into words but we humbly do so anyways, we learn to trust our experiences and to let them lead us forward. We become yoga teachers. I emphasize the we because the training group does it together. A community is formed and like any good container- it both supports us and requires us to stay present.

I am incredibly grateful for my own training, and the course it set me on. I invite the curious students, those who have felt the power of the practices and want to know more, to find the time and the training that is right for you and see what more your life has to offer the world.


I am thrilled to be a part of two YTT’s in NYC and now leading my own. Details for all three are below:

Starting in January I am teaching an Immersion for a small group of committed yogis and yoginis. Teacher Training will begin Jan 2017. More information here.

julia immersion


I am currently teaching in a wonderful training- the very one I took almost 10 years ago with the incomparable teachers Rudrani Farbman and Jackie Prete. The next round of Anusara Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training at the World Yoga Center begins Fall 2016. More information here.

immersion top


I will be guest teaching in this collaboration with the City of New York to offer a first class teacher training for those  interested in teaching for the underprivileged. More information here.

Hosh Yoga+EarthYoga 200 Hour YTT (3)

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