The Practice of Time Keeping

Our whole coming into existence is marked by time. Recently, in teaching about embryology, we were looking at the process of the individual forming from two cells (for each of us began as two cells that hold the potential to manifest everything.) It’s thrilling to walk step by step through the different stages and learn the names of what arises, as each new distinction heralds what is still yet to come.

What science doesn’t know is what sounds the call for the next stage of development. Life at its essence is a mystery, and the incredibly dense study of embryology, while a worthwhile pursuit, remains just a dipping of our toes into the vast sea of movement and divine will that underlies the emergence of a unique form. What we do know is that each occurrence must happen within a certain period of time in order for development to continue smoothly. It is a total marvel how timely each stage is- knowing their window in which to manifest, like each instrument in an orchestra knows when to add their voice to the symphony. We can watch it take place again and again, knowing it took place in every human that walks this earth. So what I have learned from embryology is that without a doubt, time is of the essence.

Which has made me question why, personally, I am so often fighting with time- wanting more where I cannot have it while at the same time expecting myself to be further along than I am, short on patience. It becomes silly to see myself going through the same old scenario– not getting out of the house when I said I would and then somehow expecting time to be on my side, to work for me to help ‘make up lost time’. I am beginning to question what it means to respect the truth that is TIME and the way it holds us in its embrace- how to dance with its rhythm, to know when to begin, to sustain and when to end. What I’ve noticed through the practice of time keeping is that if I heed its pace and openings, I gain an unspoken, unseen, but knowable movement that carries me along the path.

Does time ask the same for each of us? No, not absolutely. This is the truth of the window, a period of time available within which one must act otherwise the opportunity melts back into the background, or at its worst, if we don’t act within that period it can lead to developmental stagnation/problems moving forward. (And don’t we all know what that feels like!?!) When I can look at this statement without judgment, it’s amazing how much ease and clarity I feel: there is a call to act, to stay in tune with time, with the beat of your own drum. At the very least it will pave the way for a life supported by the power of movement and the will of the Divine.

Held in the Hands of Time

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