Inspiring Work

This summer was full of inspiration- the joy of the warmth, the time to be with friends and family, the fullness of nature’s embrace. Over the long weekend I was with family, and when it was time for me to go my ten year old niece asked me why I didn’t stay just one more day. It was a good question, and I have been considering it since. Why not stay just one day longer? I didn’t have to go back– in that I could have rearranged things yet again and thrown caution to the wind to be with those I love. However, my desire to be with them had actually propelled me home. My work was waiting for me. My work was waiting to be inspired by them. From this realization, I feel a strong pull now to take all that I gained from the summer expanse in to my heart to support the coming efforts of the fall.

This new perspective has shifted my understanding of work. (I’m officially maturing as an adult I guess, ha!) Not only do I feel an affinity for being able to support myself and my family through my drive, my focus and my continuing growth in my field, but I am resolved to keep my work inspired by that which I hold most dear. Work is not the opposite of fun, or the opposite of play, in the same way that vacation is not synonymous with relaxation and rejuvenation. What would it look like to imbue our every task with a hint of the summer’s spacious days, brightest light, and most jubilant laughter? Could we keep the joys of August with us beyond the first week of September? Can our work be a crowning salute to all that we love?

And ultimately, can our work not be a place that we go to lose ourselves, but to discover ourselves again and again. Just to be clear– I’m suggesting this grand achievement has no direct correlation with our type of vocation or our current particular hardships, but rather is a choice we each have to continue to make– to bring what inspires us into the workplace with us, each and every day.

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