Integration Series

3 workshops at Earth Yoga

Sundays 2-4:30 on Sept 7, 14, 21

The Strength of Integration:

The power or bulk we hold in any one muscle does not directly correlate to our overall strength in a pose. To access our greatest strength and agility, especially as we are moving through poses, requires the coordination of the whole body. In these three workshops we will explore the potentials in the feet, hands and tail bone to facilitate an integration that reveals how powerful we really are when we engage with the whole of our self.

Each workshop will include an accessible look into the anatomy, offer exercises for awakening deep muscle support, trace the pathways of integration, and conclude by bringing it all together in a 90 minute asana class.

9/7: Foundation and feet- getting the support from our base to allow for more movement and ease in the knees and hips

9/14: Reaching with the hands- opening the pathways in the hands to clearly access both the space around us as well as the depths within

9/21: Tailbone sensibilities- finding a balance of articulation in the hips and low back by freeing up the tail bone to organize movement

$40 per class or $108 for all three

Register soon, email

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