Our Window into the World

We are all looking through our own window into the world. We all have a unique view that is colored by our own filter of experience. As we gather more and more knowledge, through each breath we take, our view of the world changes.

Some say that it’s impossible to be objective, to see something apart from our own lens. I like to stay away from words like impossible and never- why limit possibilities! But the modern world fools themselves into granting science and reason complete objectivity. Which, then, often tricks us into acting in ways that are diminutive toward others and bolster a false authority over others. What we know is amalgamated based on what we have experienced. We need room to learn from others as anyone and everyone can grant us a different vantage point, reminding us how diversely one instance can be interpreted.

As we look through our window at everyone else looking through theirs, we can come to see that our differences unite us. That in everyone there is an equally present witness feasting their senses on their own speckled world. I plan to enjoy my speckled world for what it is, a divinely personal, exquisite, to-be-treasured view, by seeing within myself and others the witness that stands watch.

(Picture by Flin van Hemmen)

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