The word current both means to flow, as a river has a current and to be in the present, to stay current. Inferring that in the present moment there is a natural surge, an underlying momentum. Right where you are there is incredible movement and potential, change is inevitable and choices are available based on what you are carrying and what you take forward, where you are coming from and where you hope to go. Right where you are is a juncture where you can tap into clarity, discrimination, and realization.

Yet, I’ve often been under the assumption that I’m supposed to seek out the right moment that’s just over the next hump, or that I’m try to create the drive to access such an opportunity to shift. This false assumption has produced actions that I can now see resemble wild thrashing about. If you feel off course, a cumulative fear can arise that takes you directly out of your ability to sense your natural flow. Can you visualize the negative loop that can be the product? If you feel off course, can you take deep breaths and find yourself right where you are? On a flowing path forward.

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