A snapshot

To accompany my post, A Year in Review, I felt drawn to share a bit about ten days that I spent with my family in California this Fall. For me, it highlighted our progress as a family that is growing and adventuring. It was the reckoning of a family trying to keep it together when we feel out of rhythm, by relying on one another, by holding each other with love no matter the highs and lows we laid on one another.

The trip included my first time teaching in a conference, my first time teaching outside of my community. I was able to be there because my family supported me, and my voice was strong and my presentations well received. The trip included incredible landscapes and seeing dear friends. Yet it also included the strife of not adjusting to time zones and feeling far from home. It wore us out and yet made us stronger together.

May our collective human family continue to grow together, to move from love so that our rhythms align more and more, to make each other’s voices stronger by listening and welcoming and seeing the humanity in all. I have no doubt this is possible, if one little family can do it, it is not beyond us!

Some pics….

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