Stripped down to question

Winter time can feel bleak and plain old cold. Snowstorms hit (or worse!), the air dries up, and our bodies start to ache from hunching under the weight to stay warm and from bracing to stay on sure footing. A new year just started, but what can we possibly cultivate in these circumstances?

It’s not an easy one to unpack but there are hints for us. We turn to our natural world, which displays the purposefulness and joy inherent in the ebbs and flows.

We get at least one possible answer: when everything is stripped down we are invited to see what we are made of, what structures are in place to support us– to question– realistically, what are we working with here?

Looking through these tree branches to the heart of the church and sky is a sign of hope for me as well as a reminder to continue to ask these questions for myself. To take the time to see what’s there when everything is stripped away.

To question myself:

What do I think I am made of? What is at my foundation, most essential?

Of the structures that are in place, within and around me, which ones are lasting and which ones are passing?

And given this reality, how can I use these to support what I long to manifest?

I feel extremely fortunate to have the resources I have to begin to answer these questions for myself- little by little, sometimes tentatively and loving, sometimes confidently but with humility.

I turn to the resources of the yoga scriptures, practices and my growing understanding of who I am in my body and in my world.

I invite you to join me to explore the same. In class, in conversation, and perhaps, in my upcoming course, The Body Reveals, which aims to draw all of this together for us to examine and consider. If there is any way you can make it, if you are interested in joining me, please be in contact! I have scholarships, payment plans, we can make the financials work for you, joining in long distance… so that we can explore this together.

The Body Reveals, is my signature course combining Tantric scripture and the functioning of our body systems.

This training was created for teachers, but is open to those drawn to the topics. The Body Reveals begins January 20-21, next weekend!! If you can not make the full training but still want to participate, email me sooner than later!

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