An Easter Story

Preface- this Easter story is mundane and daily, even personal, but in that way I think it holds the truth of the quiet, potentially unrecognized, epiphanies that permeate each of our lives.

Story- It has always been inevitable for me- I get a haircut and I immediately proceed through a minor emotional rollercoaster. I look in the mirror and I hate it, I can’t believe how short it is. I go into a mini shock where I can’t even look at it- I can only stand to numbly feel with my fingers how little it falls down my back. I’m horrified that I asked for the haircut- that the fateful words came out of my mouth. Did I ask my sister to ‘cut off a little more this time?!?’ Dramatic? Yes of course, in some ways I am hesitant to write this as I am not attached to my hair, I do not identify myself by the length of my hair. And yet I go through this every time as something within me can’t ignore the clear sign of change and the fact that I am going to see myself differently from that moment on.

The rebirth resides in the obvious fact that I ask for the haircut every time. I am the one that puts the whole thing in motion and that means I know what I want is on the other side. That going through this ‘mini death’ would result in a greater love. And it always does- once I go through the stages of grief I am always happy to realize that I feel lighter, healthier, more joyous.

Easter epiphany in my own intimate experience of a mini death for the sake of renewal. A self-image contemplation. Loving the affirmation that the profound happens quietly most of the time. I want to honor my life every day by waking up ready to recognize the profound in my daily experience. Daily renewal. Happy Spring!

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