Om in the Sky

Space has been a big theme for me so far this month. My desire to wrap myself in a blanket of space, to honor space, to be aware of the space that holds me and the worlds of space folded within me. Space has been my answer this busy, focused, ambitious month of January 2014.

When I bring my attention to the reality of spaciousness there is an immediate softening of the skin and of all things hard within me that allows a vibration to move through me like wind through a screen door. The affect is mostly unseen, it doesn’t cause me to shift my position, my form remains. But I become porous, receptive, ready to drink in the evenly distributed space like a sponge soaks up water. I reach a place of inner resonance where I experience fullness.

When I saw this om in the sky I realized that I have grown to trust that which is around me and within me. The constant, conscious, structure that underlies everything, that reverberates a steady om through the fabric of all dimensions and time.

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