The Vision of Non-dual Philosophies
Sundays, August 1 & 8, 5-6:30pm EST
Online philosophy classes hosted by Eastern Livity, a yoga community in AK

Email me if you would like to join us!

Yoga has a very rich and abundant history, with a vast array of underlying philosophies and methods of practice. These classes will focus on the crux of the non-dual philosophy and practices of Tantra. This approach holds the potential to deepen our practice by rooting us into the innermost experience of ourselves as well as inviting everything into the realm of our practice– each moment, each thought, each action…

In these classes we will
– explore the fundamental experience of non-dual awareness
– take the support of the mantra of the breath, through group meditations and with clear instructions on how to practice on your own
– ground the philosophies in the forefront of our modern day sciences
– have time for discussions and questions, and practice!

$20 for one session, $30 for two
Zoom link will be emailed to attendeees
Sessions will be recorded and made easily accessible for 30 days if you can’t join us live

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