Program Summary:

Bond of Asana yoga programs are 8 week courses of systematic and focused exploration of the intrinsic stability and mobility within specific areas of the body. The goal is an overall increase in self awareness and agency within our movement and action.

There are two tracks to choose from– Deep Dive intended for long time practitioners and yoga teachers and Supportive Waters intended for students with therapeutic needs and those new to the Anusara Yoga practice.

With five separate 8 week courses we will work our way around the body over a year’s time. Hand pick one or more courses, or commit to the full year with a significantly discounted tuition.

Deep Dive Course Track (Teacher/long time practitioner)
Full year projected dates:

Spine and Torso: Apr 11 – June 11
Hands, wrists & elbows:  Aug 8 – Oct 1
Upper arm & shoulders: Oct 24 – Dec 17
Feet, ankles & knees:  Jan 9 – Mar 4, 2022
Hips & Pelvis:  Mar 20 – May 13, 2021
Tuition per course: $385
Full year discounted: $1635
Supportive Waters Course Track (Therapeutic/Beginner)
Full year projected dates:

Spine & Torso: Apr 4 – June 4
Hands, wrists & elbows:  Aug 1 – Sept 24
Upper arm & shoulders: Oct 10 – Dec 10
Feet, ankles & knees:  Jan 2 – Feb 25, 2022
Hips & Pelvis: Mar 13 – May 6, 2021
Tuition per course: $435
Full year discounted: $1845
Email me to register for either of these course tracks, course size is limited for personal attention and group camradarie.
I can’t wait to begin, join us!

Your Teacher:

Julia Pearring, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, supports students in the exploration of their optimal range, to uncover the strength and potential of a deeper alignment no matter their range of movement. Her advanced studies have included extensive anatomy, kinesiology and physiology training through cadaver dissections with Gil Hedley, explorations of Body Mind Centering and Laban Movement analysis with Amy Matthews plus fascial research with Tom Myers, and more. Her integrated focus on form, movement and the principles of Anusara yoga organically built a thriving private therapeutic yoga practice. She strongly believes that an active sadhana, basing one’s personal practice on committed self inquiry and compassionate process, is invaluable for yoga teachers and practitioners. 

Julia lives in NYC. Teaching yoga since 2008, she is a sought after teacher and teacher trainer. Recently, she co-wrote the new Therapeutic Applications of Anusara Yoga Teacher’s Guide.

Course Outline for Apr – June 2021: 

Part 1: Low back and abdominal core, including the pelvic floor, a 4 week exploration 
Part 2: Upper Spine and breath structures, including the shoulders, neck and head, a 4 week exploration

Each 4 week exploration begins with re-awakening optimal joint range and intrinsic muscle support and ultimately leads to exploring how this area of the body is pivotal to the wellbeing and full expression of the body as a whole. Practical and accessible contemplations and yoga teachings are introduced that accompany the work and give our embodied life a deeper meaning.  

Each week begins on Sunday morning with the posting of the week’s materials on the website. Engage with them at a pace that works for you.

Each week includes a session on Fridays 12:30-1:45pm Eastern Time (East Coast USA). These will either be a live, interactive yoga class, a Q&A session or personal contemplation assignment (that can also be done with a partner from the program). Everyone will receive recordings of these lives events, so if you are not available to attend live, you can watch freely at your own time, again and again.

Program Includes:

– Weekly video presentations
– 4 live yoga classes with Julia
– 2 live Q&A sessions with Julia
– Visual Supports, Journal exercises
– Meditations and asana sequences
– 28 Yoga Alliance CE Credits
– 28 Anusara Yoga 300hr ATT hrs
– Ongoing conversations to connect and learn from the community


What happens if I can’t attend the live events?

This doesn’t disqualify you from joining. All the live events will be video recorded so that you can participate when it works for your schedule. (I recommend establishing a regular time to do so for the sake of consistency!) There will be opportunities to submit questions before our Q&As and before our live classes, so that you are included and supported as your process unfolds– even if you are not with us live.

Will I have access to the material after the program ends?

The material will be available to you for one year’s time after the program has completed. Meaning you can easily come back and access the different components as you integrate and reflect on the material over time.

What is the time commitment?

The recorded material, weekly live events and other contemplations and exercises comprise a minimum of 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete. Consider setting aside two 75 minute periods (Friday 12:30 and one other) or work on the material 20 minutes 4 times per week. The material is expanded each additional time you practice it, meaning a commitment of 3 hours a week is ideal for integration of the material, and up to 5 hours a week (if you have this kind of time) would allow the material to resonate and impact in the most profound ways. On the other hand, you have access to this material for a full year! So there is no real falling behind or missing out, you can return again and again if you can really only commit to the basics. 

What supplies will I need to have before we start?

  • It’s ideal to have the typical yoga props- mat, two blocks, blanket, a strap and for this hips course, a bolster if possible. There are household items that can stand in for these, but if you plan to commit to your asana practice, it’s not a bad idea to invest in these for this program. 
  • Journal/committed space to write, track your thoughts/progress and engage in contemplations. In this day and age, it is quite possible to do most of this on the computer, but important to consider if free writing– pen to paper- is valuable enough for you to have that option handy.
  • Access to a device that is compatible with zoom technology, has a working camera and microphone and can be set up in a space where you are easily visible standing on your mat (for live classes specifically.) 

What happens after this 8 week course?

The full Bond of Asana yoga program includes 5 eight-week courses that cover the body in 5 areas and spans a year of study– 

  1. Hips & Pelvis                                   Jan – Mar 2021
  2. Hands, wrists & elbows                Apr – May
  3. Upper arm & shoulders                Aug – Sept
  4. Lower spine & upper spine         Oct – Dec
    (includes our head!)
  5. Feet, ankles & knees                      Jan – Mar 2022

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, payment plans are welcome! All plans must be confirmed ahead of time and must come through Zelle or Venmo. Please email Julia, directly to set up a plan and secure your registration.

What are the prerequisites for the Deep Dive course track? Is this the right program for me?

This track is intended for long time practitioners and yoga teachers. A 100hr Anusara Yoga Immersion or the equivalent is required to join as we assume a working knowledge of the Anusara Yoga Universal Principles of Alignment. Email Julia, to see if this is the right track for you!

I have a more extreme misalignment/compromised system due to illness/I am currently pregnant. Is the Supportive Waters course track the right program for me?

This track is open to those who have specific therapeutic needs or are just newer and open to the discovery of their body’s innate potential. Please feel free to email me, if you are concerned about joining. Let’s see if this course can meet your particular needs.

Overall, I hope that you have an interest in working with the material and a commitment to communicating and asking questions so that you can be supported to work from where you are. Let’s talk!

You are a gifted teacher and I’ll be studying and applying what you’ve shared for years to come. Your course design suited me perfectly for my self-directed learning style. It has helped personally and in teaching my students tremendously.   
—  Dr. Robert J. Woodbine, retired licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist, Taijiquan & Qigong Instructor, participant in the Supportive Waters track
I have had so many epiphanies and juicy contemplations come up for me in the last weeks of the course. They are the gifts offered by the coming together of awesome material, amazing teaching, and dedicated practice.  
Through all this, I remain very grateful for the opportunity to take this deep dive with you, and to learn and explore! I look forward to the full year of study!
— Longtime practitioner from Montreal, QB, participant in the Deep Dive track

Chose your course track!

Feel free to email me, I am happy to help you choose which track is best for you!

Ready to sign up? Click on the above application or registration. OR email me and we will get you registered, figure out payment and send you onboarding materials.
I can’t wait to begin with these two stellar groups! 

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